EME and Tropo System

VHF/UHF/SHF Tropo System

I’m currently only QRV on 144MHz, 432MHz and 1296MHz tropo.

Tropo System;

  • Replaced coax from chack to tower now using 7/8″ with 7/16 connectors
  • LMR600 in tower for 144 and 1296MHz and LMR400 for 432MHz
  • LNA at feedpoint for all three bands
  • TS-2000X, Elecraft K3 + transverters

EME Systems;

  • 4 x 11 YU7EF0211B on 144MHz
  • 4m solid dish on 1296MHz and 10GHz


Old cable canals installation made by proffesionals (expensive!), useless.


New installation. Two big canals replaced with six smaller.



 Three canals per tower.


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